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Lokaranjan Aqua World

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Lokaranjan Aqua World

In the iconic city of Mysuru, an immersive aquatic realm called Lokaranjan Aqua World has been established. It was constructed using a state-of-the-art concept to witness the wonders of the sea. The underwater tunnel, which is the longest in India, continues to be highlighted in this extensive project. Within the walkthrough aquarium, a diverse range of small to large freshwater fishes, as well as marine life from around the world, are housed. In artfully designed life-size tanks and overhead aquariums, leaving visitors in awe of the facility, technology, and engineering marvel.

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Our exhibit offers a unique and interactive experience with marine animals. You can see various aquatic species, like rare fish, sea turtles, sharks, and seahorses, swimming in the water. It’s great for inspiring marine enthusiasts, animal lovers, or those wanting to learn about underwater creatures. The experiences are fun and educational, suitable for all ages and interests.


In the famous city of Mysuru, there’s another reason to visit. Lokaranjan Aqua World is a must-see attraction, allowing you to explore the beauty of marine species. Learn more about it here: Lokaranjan Aqua World.


In the world-renowned city of palaces and hills, Mysuru now offers yet another compelling reason to visit, making the trip even more worthwhile. Lokaranjan Aqua World has been acclaimed as a must-visit attraction in the city, and you will not want to miss the opportunity to explore the splendid grandeur of these marine species.

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